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Our platform optimizes Valuation and speeds up your Deals

Virtual Data Room is a key element for investment banks to close more deals faster. Our platform not only optimizes valuation, but also simplifies all stages of the private placement process, M&A, initial public offerings and financial restructuring.

Investment Banks also rely on our project managers to manage critical and sensitive content for fast structuring on our virtual data room platform to enter the due diligence process in a faster way and spend more time searching for and pitching new business rather than managing the platform.

Our virtual data room platform is not only a cost-effective solution, it also reduces the high costs related to the nature of the transactions in the industry, as well as maximizing the valuation of assets by inviting several buyers to participate in the transaction in a safe and confidential environment, by allowing the measuring of their interests, leveraging the best possible valuation.

With a simplified interface and a robust and modern technology, our platform runs on PC and Mac, both compatible and with multi-browsers, since searching and pitching new deals is already a hard task on its own.


Project Managers Our team integrated with your

We guarantee excellence in our services, we always designate a specific project manager for each project, in this way, centralizing all communication with a project manager that will be the point of contact from the time of hiring.

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Implementation Our solution putting your operations quickly in action

Minimizing the time and effort required to organize and load due diligence content is crucial. With the Deallink solution, you can quickly organize all the documents in our data room in a matter of a few hours.

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Continuous management Do not lose focus on your core and count on our team.

Financial transactions are dynamic and often the purpose and nature of this transaction is rapidly changing resulting in drastic changes in due diligence list, and organization of files, users, and security groups in the virtual data room.

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Training Training with maximizing the performance of the transaction in focus

As a 100% SaaS platform, our solution was developed to require little effort in implementation and training. Nevertheless we are focused on continuous training for a positive experience and a story of success.We offer three forms of training:

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Custom Reports Real-time charts and data reports

Working in conjunction with our project managers, we offer the flexibility to adapt these reports to your needs and send them via e-mail on scheduled dates.

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