Strategic plan without barriers

In this competitive world, timing in transactions that involve the exchange of confidential documents has become increasingly important and, consequently, the ability to exchange such information quickly, easily and securely has dictated the success of these transactions.

Our features not only facilitate such transactions, they are features that become comparative advantages in the due diligence process.

Integrated Management

Workflow and collaboration capability to streamline information exchange into a single, highly configurable solution.

Simplified file viewer

Modern, fast and intuitive visualization, resulting in a unique experience to potential investors, in addition to streamlining the due diligence process and reducing transaction costs. About 20x faster than our competitors.

Real-Time reports

Several reports mapping and tracking everything to better prepare you for the negotiation. All reports are downloadable to .xls format giving you the possibility for a more detailed analysis.

Drag & Drop Bulk Upload

Easy upload of multiple files and folders at once. You can easily set up a data room in a single upload.

Total User Control

Add and manage your users quickly and practically, with full control to block or delete users at any time. Color coded for simpler and intuitive user status.

Dashboard & Analitics

We pioneered the dashboard. With one click know the buyer with the highest level of interest in your asset. 9 kpi’s with on click.

Dynamic Watermark

Easy and fast application of dynamic watermark to files by user groups with e-mail, name, date, time and custom texts options.

Multilevel Security

Security application to files and folders by user groups with four levels of access (hide document, view, print and download).

Integrated Q&A

Facilitating communication between buyers and sellers, meeting the requirements of several potential buyers faster without running the risk of leaking confidential and sensitive e-mails.

Multi-Language Interface

Interface language can be changed, breaking down barriers in international transactions.

Multi-Deal Capability

Centralize your deals into a single solution by reducing the cost of the operation and bringing assets efficiently and quickly to the marketplace.

Notifications and Automation

Notification center designed with push info for a faster and more intuitive UI