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Training with maximizing the performance of the transaction in focus

As a SaaS platform, our solution was designed to require little effort in implementation and training. Nevertheless we are focused on continuous training for a positive experience and project success. Therefore, we prepare our training, case by case, customizing each training according to the nature of each transaction and customer needs. Our trainings are designed so the users of the platform and the transaction are optimized with our functionalities. We offer three forms of training:

Virtual Training

Whether your team is in a conference room or all around the world, with the aid of screen-sharing and teleconferencing technologies, we conduct virtual trainings 24/7, and we only need 30 minutes to conduct a training session with your entire team, while keeping you, your team and company in absolute secrecy. Although it is a virtual training, it is real and 100% adapted to customer needs.

On-Site Training

Many of our clients opt for training in their own companies, thus not wasting time in shifting their teams and disrupting day-to-day work activities. Deallink offers a certified professional in our platform, in order to serve and train your team, customizing and developing training activities according to the protocols and standards of the company.

In our offices

Our structure includes training in our meeting rooms where we can carry out trainings for your team, led by the project manager in charge of your project, thus bringing our team closer to yours.

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