• Translation
  • Redact
  • Dashboard
  • Q&A
  • Upload
  • Permissions
File translation

Translate files into multiple languages in just a few clicks with an approval process and the ability to enable it for users or groups.

  • on the fly
  • Approval process
  • Many languages available
Hide confidential information

With just a few clicks, using search or pre-defined themes, hide texts or areas and reveal them later.

  • Control the Redact function by group
  • Hide & reveal instantly
  • Pre-selected items
  • Redacted word loses search power
Pioneers of the Dashboard

With a simple click, know the buyer with the highest level of interest in your asset

  • 9 kpi's on one page
  • Filters by groups, users and dates
  • Familiar layout
Dashboard Video
Designed by M&A analysts

A simplified Q&A with rigorous workflow and automation process

  • Approval Flow for Questions & Answers
  • Organizes, Streamlines and Automates with question limiter and prescheduled dates
  • Compliant during and post transaction
  • Family layout and bulk edit features
  • Export Excel spreadsheet containing all Q&A
Simplicity in Uploads by Drag & Drop
  • Upload your entire project at once.
  • Drag and drop up to 50GB protected in transit by security protocol TLS1.2 (Transport Layer Security)
  • Safe Upload technology, resume uploading where you left off
Visibility in Permissions granted And security

Transparency and visibility ensuring the security and confidentiality of your intellectual property

  • AES 256 bit encryption
  • Certified servers with ISO 27001, Soc Type II, etc.
  • Ability to apply permission per file type
  • Compliant with data protection standards (GDPR & LGPD)


  • Two factor Security Login
  • AES 256 bits encryption
  • Certificate ISO 27001 etc…
  • Transport Layer Security TLS 1.2


  • 20x faster to open files
  • Project ready in 30 minutes
  • Leveraged by Microsoft Azure®



  • Simple drag & drop
  • Compatible with PC & MAC
  • Excel in its original format with Microsoft Office®


  • 24h, 7 day per week
  • Support multilingual
  • No outsourcing



  • Accuracy & continuous backup
  • App SaaS 100% in the Cloud
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.9% of the time


  • No extra charges
  • Simplified pricing
  • 100% Clarity in pages and GB used


Trusted by the top 20 law firms and Investment banks


Guaranteed availabilty stated in our contract


Simultaneous logins




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