You control your confidential information

CFOs access, share, and produce various sensitive and confidential documents for use in financing, auditing, accounting, strategic planning, and other reports that, if they fall into the wrong hands, can cause serious financial damage and compromise the company's reputation.

The Deallink platform enables these teams of professionals to exchange confidential information without being exposed to risk.


  • Ability to support multiple transactions simultaneously, from routine financial statements to M&A transactions such as sell-side and buy-side;
  • Efficiency in financial operations such as fundraising, communication with investors, strategic planning and etc;
  • Fast and effective communication with LPs and sponsors;
  • Control in the exchange of legal documents in a safe, effective and cost-efficient way;
  • Faster Streamlining and executing Corporate Finance deals, and in a safe way, with the ability to distribute confidential documents related to IPOs, Bonds, Debt financing and etc;