About us


A successful beginning

Deallink started with ideas from three investment bankers tired of paying abusive prices for outdated platforms and unnecessary features.

After an extensive market research, the three friends realized the opportunity to improve and increase competitiveness in the virtual data room market.

The results of the survey were exuberant. Out of the 287 legal advisors and investment bankers surveyed, 82% reported that have never used a research feature, where the number rises to...

After the results of the 1st survey, we realized the need to deepen the understanding of what these professionals are really looking for in a virtual data room and a 2nd survey was carried out covering new points.

After the results of the 2nd survey, we realized that the success of the transaction, when using a virtual data room, is in the external users hand. Therefore, without forgetting the more robust features like real-time reports, Q&A forum, etc. we focused on the experience of external users, consequently developing a tool that is 100% focused on the success of your transaction.

Vision, Mission and Values

In order to fulfill our vision and mission, we will work in a smart way, with a sense of urgency, identifying changes and market trends, recognizing mistakes and courageously making decisions to adjust or change our strategic planning and always with the best interest of our customers in mind.

  • Market research

  • 2008

    Deallink idea is born

  • 2009

    Deallink is created

    1st Market research

    2nd Market research

  • 2010

    Technology research

  • Development of the product

  • 2010

    Beginning of development

  • 2012

    Conclusion of the platform

  • Marketing

  • 2012

    Deallink is acquired by the company Negócios Conectados

  • 2013

    Deallink launches a platform


To be the company that offers the best solution and service for financial transactions that require the exchange of confidential documents.




To leverage the success of our customers, and become the largest provider of Virtual Data Room in Latin America (Latam).


Quality: Always seeking perfection

Leadership: Playing to be number one

Passion: We do what we like

Diversity: Our differences ennoble us

Integrity: Honesty above all else

Deallink Team

A team 100% focused on creating cutting-edge technology for the success of your transactions

We offer technology as a solution to the financial market. The financial market is complex and technology is a constant change.

The Deallink team brings extensive professional experience in the fields of technology and the capital market and we are prepared for the challenges of the future. Our team was assembled with three things in focus; Education, Market Experience and Work Philosophy.

Work at Deallink

Come work for the first and only Brazilian company to develop a platform for virtual auditing, such as SaaS.

We are a group of innovators and risk takers who believe in focusing and perfecting only our best skills, to use 100% of our time doing what we do best. We promote diversity and seek talented and dynamic professionals who have initiative and ability to overcome challenges and achieve goals.

We promote new ideas, encourage and train our team members, making Deallink a company where you can find opportunities to develop your career.

If you are interested in joining our team, send us your resume hr@deallink.com.br