Security and Privacy Policy

Security and Privacy Policy

At Deallink Serviços de Apoio Administrativo LTDA we are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and users.

This Security and Privacy Policy is destined to describe how and why we collect your personal details, how we use, store and publish them and how you can exercise your privacy rights.

The document also describes how you can contact us to access, update or remove your personal details.

We recommend you read this Policy thoroughly so as to ensure your full awareness of our terms and conditions. However, if you wish to access just one specific section, click on the link related to your personal interest.

To access our Virtual Data Room Platform it is necessary to hire one of our services or to be invited by a project administrator to take part of a project.

We do not disclose any data that may identify you as a user of this Virtual Data Room Platform, or share your personal details with third parties without your previous authorization. However, we share statistical data, related to the number of people who access our website and our Virtual Data Room Platform, with companies and commercial partners in order to inform the level of popularity and acceptance of our Virtual Data Room Platform.

We reserve the right to update the Policy herein at any time and publish the new version on our websites.

When the changes are relevant we may notify you by email, through notices on our websites or alert signals on the login screen of our Virtual Deallink Data Room.

In case you do not agree with the terms or any other change, you should interrupt the use of our Deallink Services.

Our website and Virtual Data Room platform collect information about the users from their navigation on the web and through data recorded by the users themselves, such as: name, address, telephone number and the company name, which we can use internally so as to develop new services and ensure the continuous improvement of the environment (website and Virtual Data Room platform).

We can also use your personal details to:

  • perform and manage Deallink Services;
  • improve your experience when using Deallink Services, including their customization;
  • address and answer requests for clients’ support
  • identify, repair and prevent any technical or security problems that may affect the quality of Deallink Services;
  • send information by email, post or other channels;
  • send marketing messages, offers and opportunities related to what we believe it is relevant for you and your company;
  • accomplish any other task described on our Terms and Conditions or on this Security and Privacy Policy.

If we do not collect these personal details you will not be able to make use of Deallink Services or create an account/profile in our environment.

Authentication: If you are in your Deallink account, the cookies can help us provide you with the right information and customize your experience.

Security: In order to activate and support our security resources and help us detect mischievous activities and breaches of our Contracts.

Preferences, resources and services: the cookies can inform us about your language preferences and configurations set up in the system in order to guarantee an optimized experience.

We retain the collected personal details while we have a legitimate commercial need in progress (for instance, to continue providing Access to Virtual Deallink Data Room or meeting applicable legal, fiscal or accounting requirements).

When this legitimate commercial need is over we immediately remove your personal details, make them anonymous or, when this is not possible (for example, if your personal details were already stored in backup files), we will store them safely and isolate them from any additional processing until their complete removal is possible.

We only keep the user’s content during the period of time agreed in our contracts or for the period we are instructed or allowed to.

Find below your privacy rights:

If you wish to access, correct, update or request the removal of your personal details, you can do that at any moment through the available configuration on Virtual Deallink Data Room or, if the configurations are not available through Virtual Deallink Data Room, you can contact us making use of the contact details given below on the item "Contact Deallink about Privacy".

If you live in Brazil you can refuse the processing of your personal details or request to limit their processing. Once again, you can exercise your rights by contacting us through the information given below on the item "Contact Deallink about Privacy".

You have the right to refuse marketing messages we send to you at any moment. You can exercise this right by clicking on the link "Cancel registration" on the marketing emails we send you.

We answer to all the requests we receive from people who want to exercise their rights for data protection, in compliance with the applicable privacy laws.

Please notice that we do not offer any of the rights described above related to any personal detail included in any User’s content. We process this content on behalf of our clients and in case your personal details are inserted in any content you should contact the client in whose name we have stored the information.

Contact us by sending an email to or using the details below in case you have doubts about our Security and Privacy Policy or about the way we deal with your personal details.

If you are in Brazil and wish to exercise any of the privacy rights described on LGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) you can also contact us by sending an email to the DPO is André Luiz Tafner, and can be contacted by e-mail and phone +55 (11) 4872-3542

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